Lloyds Business Brokers

Lloyds Business Brokers has pioneered a new and far more effective model of Business Brokerage. Rather than fill a window with 100's of listings - hoping some might sell (the traditional ineffective model), Lloyds concentrate on handling a limited number of selected assignments and focusing on each until sold.

Each broker is allocated a small number of assignments (up to 5) so they can fully familiarise themselves with each one to the point where they can present the business in the best possible way. Typically our brokers will not take new assignments until one has been sold.

The result for you is that your business will be handled with the care and attention that is required to secure you the best possible price.

FREE business evaluation

A qualified business broker will provide you with a no obligation, pre-sale evaluation of your business. That way, you will know what price you may expect to achieve from a sale, and be able to decide whether selling is a viable option at this time.

Step-by-step guidance

•    How to find the right buyer
•    How to present your business for maximum value
•    How to close the sale
•    Confidentiality guaranteed
•    Lloyds have for many years successfully safeguarded business information. All prospective buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before being given any information about your Business.

Reliable discrete advertising

Lloyds Brokers are not in the publishing business. Where advertising is called for, we don't use publications that you have never heard of; we receive no commissions from advertising.

Buyers waiting

Lloyds maintains a database of qualified buyers that is constantly being updated.


•    Over 24 years experience in the industry
•    Quality businesses
•    Because we are paid only when we have successfully completed your sale, we list only businesses we believe are saleable.

What to expect when selling

•    You will be asked to supply some basic information over the phone, to enable us to assign a Broker.
•    After an inspection of your business and premises and a FREE market appraisal, we would agree on a marketable price.
•    We then compile a business profile to present the business in the best possible light, as the appointed agents.
•    We determine the most likely source of buyers for your business - our own extensive database of prospective buyers, the internet, direct mail to selective industry lists, advertising; local, national or overseas, which publications might reach them.
•    Using this knowledge we plan the appropriate marketing strategy - private treaty, tender, selective tender, auction
•    With your authorisation, we place any agreed upon advertising.
•    After handling all enquiries from the various sources, the prospective buyers must be qualified. We eliminate time-wasters, hopefuls with no money, and inquisitive competitors.
•    Interest is shown by a genuine buyer and an inspection is arranged.
•    If you have any information you consider sensitive you should advise us and we will require a confidentiality agreement to be signed.
•    When an offer is received in writing, a deposit is then sought. We are available to both draft contracts and act as stakeholder during the sale process.

Setting a realistic asking price

Setting a realistic asking price is the first, and probably most important step in the selling process.

The price should be set high enough to allow you room to negotiate, but not so high as to frighten off prospective buyers. But at all costs, you want to avoid the risk of UNDER selling your business.

For this reason, as the first part of our selling process, Lloyds provide a free, no-obligation appraisal of your business, so that you can:
Make an informed decision as to whether selling is indeed a viable option for you at this time, and
Ensure that you can price your business to sell quickly, and for FULL VALUE.

For more information contact:

Rudy Weber - 0412 734 505
Garry Stephensen - 0416 061 964


Download our free guide to valuing your business

definitive guide to selling your business min

 CCIQ has partnered with Lloyds Business Brokers to bring you a useful guide to valuing your business.

Understanding the market value of your business can be crucial, even if you are not planning to sell in the short term. Preparing to sell your business is a process which takes longer than businesses generally consider. Direction on first steps and useful tips to valuing can help you begin the journey to the successful sale of your business.