About CCIQ

We’ve been taking care of business for almost 150 years.

Since 1868 we’ve made it our business to represent, protect and nourish Queensland businesses in every way possible.

Our Mission

We continually strive to achieve the best possible business environment for our members through advocacy at state and federal levels. We are the essential business partner for our members because we provide the services and products that power their potential to be successful in their chosen field. 

Our Vision

  • To be the peak representational body for business in Queensland
  • To be a vibrant, relevant and engaged membership movement for business throughout regional Queensland
  • To become the essential partner for Queensland business
  • To become a data-centric organisation that creates and sustains it future value from the unique relationship and insights it has with the SME and business community

We’ve advocated on behalf of our members to make business more efficient, with our lobbyists and media experts pressuring to change policy, enact legislation and reduce red tape at all levels of government.

We’ve listened to our members so that we can speak on their behalf, with our influence and persistence making sure everyone’s voice gets heard.

We’ve promoted training and education to make our members more competitive, with industry-certified professionals and courses up-skilling workforces and enhancing business performance.

We’ve provided best practice legal advice to comprehensively protect our members, with our legal team offering compliance and security when it comes to issues such as OHS, employee relations and dispute resolution.

We’ve identified and researched emerging industry issues to keep our members up-to-date, with our information and knowledge team providing insights and analysis for members to develop real business intelligence.

We’ve created business networks and commercial partnerships to better connect our members, with our networking team setting up connections that deliver untold opportunities to grow businesses and reduce costs.

We’ve taken the lead role in creating the best possible environment for Queensland businesses to succeed, because we know that by taking care of business we’re ensuring everyone can reach their full potential.

From less than $10 per week you can experience the benefits of a CCIQ membership. Choose a package that’s right for you and join today.