Business Voice

CCIQ has been a trusted voice for Queensland business for 150 years. We take a bi-partisan approach to advocate, campaign and represent every industry in pursuit of our mission - to make Queensland the best place in the world to do business.

Over the past 12 months we met 302 times with politicians, government agencies, business institutions and corporate Australia to push the issues important to you. We collaborated with business owners across the state through our regional policy councils, and led productive discussions with local chambers and other industry associations. We wrote 236 letters and lodged 49 in-depth submissions about issues critical to your business success.

Cumulatively, we reached more than 74 million people through the media to speak in business's best interests.

Federal Election 2019

This year's election will be won or lost in Queensland. We're asking every Queenslander to cast their vote for small business.

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Pulse is the largest survey of Queensland businesses, providing critical insights into the sentiment of business owners and managers across the state.

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CCIQ Data Analytics

Access easy-to-digest economic data about Queensland's economic performance and how it affects small businesses around the state.

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We publish thought leadership reports on the big issues facing the Queensland economy.

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