Federal Budget 2020-2021

View CCIQ's 2020-2021 Federal Budget In-Brief.

The 2020-2021 Federal Budget highlights the importance small and medium businesses have to both Australia’s and Queensland’s economic recovery.

There’s welcome support to SMEs in this budget including;

Support to employ new staff and invest in training and upskilling through subsidising wages, we know businesses have no future without a capable and skilled workforce to drive them forward

Personal income tax cuts, which will help drive consumer spending, which ultimately if spent in local communities will drive and revive local economies.

The $250 million in modernising recycling infrastructure, is a welcome measure to build resilience in our economy.

Amongst CCIQ’s election priorities is recognition of the future industries such as resource recovery and recycling have, as it’s this circular economy that will accelerate business adoption of sustainable practices, which will allow businesses to scale up and grow

These commitments now need to be boosted by the next elected Queensland State Government. It can happen by committing to CCIQ’s election priorities.