Business Friendly


Business viability starts with business-friendly operating environments that make it easy to employ, invest, and participate in local infrastructure and supply contracts. In turn, this stimulates the economy through the circular flow of interaction between the Queensland government, Queensland businesses and Queensland communities.

To make Queensland has the best place to do business, it is necessary to prioritise business-friendly operating environments by unlocking regulation and reform, investment incentives, and local procurement opportunities.

25% target converts to approximately $4B in stimulus available to small business, however, to achieve this target requires government working with business to simplify the tender opportunities.


Small business procurement

  • Break -up tenders for SMEs

  • Simplify tender processes

  • Dashboard for procurement

  • Cut payment terms to 5 days

  • A whole-of-government approach to working with SMEs

Commit to no new or increased taxes on business

  • Remove or amend inefficient State taxes:

    • Stamp duties
    • Payroll tax
    • Land tax  

Deregulation and regulatory reform

  • Liquor Licensing- simplification of the process
  • Food Safety - reduce duplication across councils
  • Permits and fees - reductions and/or waivers


Bring down energy sector costs

  • Improve network regulation and integration of renewables to reduce costs