Connected Businesses



As Queensland transitions into the age of ‘digital industrialisation’, adoption of digital software and technologies represents the most significant opportunity for small businesses. Despite acknowledging the importance of connectivity in their business, many are still apprehensive or underutilised to leverage its benefits. According to the CCIQ Digital Readiness Survey, just under one-half of respondents think that the Queensland government is doing enough to help businesses adjust to digital changes. This follows:

  1. 4 in 10 businesses feeling that they do not fully utilise business software
  2. 48% saying that internet reliability is a limiting factor to digital adoption in region and metro areas
  3. 45% saying that IT skills are also a limiting factor to digital adoption

Connectivity focuses both on digital connectivity and the means of transport between regional businesses, especially for those looking to participate in international trade.


Improve digital capacity

  • Prioritise access to high-speed internet for regional Qld

Connecting with businesses

  • Invest in whole-of-government knowledge sharing and collaborative platforms for interactions with SMEs


Incentivise digital adoption

  • Develop a digital approach that promotes e-commerce as best practice
  • Incentivise the digitisation of paper-based processes