Skilled Workforce

The future of skilled workforces will be affected by the rapid uptake of technology, the widening of already present skill gaps and the effects of dwindling numbers of skilled migrant workers. There is a need to upskill current or prospective employees, strengthen Queensland’s STEM capabilities and enhance our skilled migration programs. Understanding where future opportunities exist for future skilled workers will require consultation with industry as well as detailed analysis of disruptive global trends.

Incentivise upskilling in emerging sectors

  • Incentivise retraining in disrupted industries to support skills needs in emerging sectors
  • Strengthen STEM skills (Sci, Tech, Engineering, Maths

Reinvigorate the regions

  • Simplify migration schemes to attract skilled and seasonal workers
  • Strengthen linkages between universities and TAFE to provide flexibility in delivery and access to training that better meet regional workforce needs
  • Develop market diversification support for export-ready SMEs

Improving funding arrangements

  • Support education and training programs focused on sustainability, technology and data analysis
  • Extend apprentice and traineeship subsidies with a focus on future skills needs