Sustainable Practices


Sustainable practices have become a priority for businesses looking to reduce production waste, save on utility costs, and meet consumer preferences for products and services. Support for adopting sustainable business practices is a model for business growth and diversification while managing costs will allow businesses to transform and scale their businesses. 

For every $1 of government funding provided to support businesses manage their energy, water and waste costs at the source, there is between $4 - $5 of direct business benefit in the form of enhanced business practices, consumption, and costs savings to business.

Support sustainable industries and business practices

  • Targeted funding for SMEs to adopt sustainable practices as a model for business growth and diversification
  • Grants for SMEs to invest in technologies that accelerate improved energy, water, and waste usage. Providing support through targeted programs to incentivise business investment in new or upgraded capital equipment or digital technologies support the transition or adoption to sustainable practices at the business level. The efficiency and productivity gains
  • Investments for SMEs to scale, grow and diversify their sustainable products and services for domestic and international markets

Boost investment in research and experimental development

  • Target funding to support high-skilled and high-value industries for ‘sustainability best-practice’ for high-value manufacturing industries.