Priorities for Queensland business

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Small business is the heart and soul of the Queensland community, with over 97% of businesses operating as sole traders or with teams up to 19 staff. These businesses employ more than one in three working Queenslanders and contribute $122B (or 33.9%) to the state’s economy.

However, Queensland businesses were dealt a devastating blow when COVID-19 surfaced in March 2020. Whilst confidence levels have since improved, many businesses are still concerned as stimulus measures taper off or end entirely.

As the State Budget approaches, we have submitted five policy pillars and priorities to support the growth of a sustainable, diversified, resilient and competitive Queensland business community.

Our 3-year approach aims to enable collaboration between the Queensland government and the business community, ensuring we walk away with a clear set of agreed priorities. 


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1. Sustainable Practices

Sustainability has become a key priority for many businesses, especially those looking to reduce their production waste, save on utility expenses, and boost their reputation.

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3. Smart Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure is critical for connecting a state as geographically large as Queensland and for supporting business viability and competitiveness.

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4. Skilled Workforce

With long-term unemployment still a concern for Queensland, our priorities aim to support intensive upskilling in future industries, give new energy to key regional areas, and improve funding arrangements to support education and training programs.

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5. Connected Businesses

The overwhelming impact of COVID-19 on business resulted in the rapid adoption of digital technology and practices. Now more than ever, businesses see the benefits of investing in digital technology, to not only ensure business survival but also to advance opportunities.

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