About Advocacy

All talk. All action. 

For almost 150 years we’ve been the voice of Queensland business, with a primary focus on advocacy, lobbying and representation. Our advocacy team has built an enviable reputation in this regard, and has always worked tirelessly to ensure Queensland is the best place for you to do business.

Our approach is to constantly meet with senior government officials, write submissions to government departments, undertake research and engage with the media – all to grab the attention of the people who can make a positive difference to your business. It’s an approach that works, as our Mission Accomplished list shows in detail.

Our policy is to speak up for you.

Our advocacy team continually engages with State and Federal Government ministers and bureaucrats to create the policy outcomes you need. We sit on a wide range of government and industry committees and taskforces, and submit responses to many government inquiries. Your input and feedback, from our extensive survey programs and regional policy councils, informs us at every step.

Our research leads to greater business intelligence.

Our advocacy team undertakes continual research and uses the results to promote informed debate on the issues affecting you. And we know what affects you because we continually undertake regular member surveys and weekly polls, consistently engage with other members of the business community, and constantly analyse the business media.

Our research forms the basis of our Pulse Survey of Business Conditions and our ongoing campaigns and policy positions. We also offer our research services to individual businesses, as we understand the need for highly targeted reports based on industry-specific data collection and analysis.

Whatever the issue and whatever the industry, we’ll have it covered.

So if you need your views to be heard, you need to be with us.