Federal Election 2016

On July 2 Australia is going to the polls in a double dissolution election that will see the economy front and centre of the policy debate.

At CCIQ we're calling the 2016 Poll "The Infrastructure and Ideas Election" because we know that with a lack of appetite to tackle employment reform, tax changes being taken off the table and a cooling resources economy, the best possible government economic stimulus will come from green lighting projects that will build world class infrastructure across the nation and finding ways to liberate the ideas that will grow our competitive advantage.

What are we asking for?

We are not asking for anything. Our members are. 

The thousands of business from across Queensland who we represent have been consulted, surveyed and engaged to provide us with the data we need to take their opinions, hopes and desires for their business and our economy and turn them into policy positions that will help them to grow, thrive, employ and power the economy.

We will then ask each Labor and Coalition candidate in Queensland to respond to what our members want as well as objectively analysing each policy announcement that impacts small business to determine if it is good for business. 

Policies will be analysed objectively and on their merits, not on ideology or political affiliation. 

CCIQ is determined that the issues of concern and importance for Queensland small businesses stay at the forefront of the Federal election policy debate. 

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Key Challenges for the next government

Australia’s economy is currently facing an extraordinary time of transition. To meet the challenges of the future, as well as take full advantage of the opportunities, the next Federal Government must act urgently to set the right conditions to shape a thriving and prosperous economy for future generations. The outcome of the 2016 Federal Election is critical to living up to our potential as a nation.  

Election Priorities for Queensland

Small businesses power economic and regional development across Queensland and are the providers of many families’ livelihood – they are the larger businesses of tomorrow. 

Small businesses provide enormous opportunity in creating healthy, vibrant and sustainable local communities that form a vital part of our daily lives.  

The health of the small business sector also reflects the health of Queensland and Australia’s broader economy as:  

  • 97% of all businesses in Queensland are small  

  • Nearly 1 million Queenslanders are employed by small business 

  • Small business contributes over $100b Queensland’s Gross State Product  

The next Federal Government must get the framework right to facilitate small business growth and investment to ensure our economy flourishes in a 21st century environment. 

To achieve this, CCIQ has the following levers for small business as key Federal Election issues:   

  • A competitive national tax system 

  • A reduction in the overall red tape burden on business;  

  • Implementation of fairer workplace relations framework;  

  • Increased investment in infrastructure that meets our future economic requirements; and   

  • Innovation to drive business growth 


Regardless of who forms the next Federal Government, it is essential that they implement a policy program that addresses the issues of concern and importance for Queensland and Australia’s small business community.