Local Viewpoints


Businesses in Far North Queensland will be first to voice their concerns about their local economy as the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) starts a statewide listening tour.


CCIQ members will have the chance to attend a special meetup event planned for October, while any business can make their concerns known through a Local Viewpoints Survey.

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The Chamber will use the feedback it receives to update a Far North Queensland Economic Blueprint developed through a similar exercise in 2014, which has been used by the group to lobby on issues impacting Cairns and surrounding areas.

The member meeting and survey will address the key constraints for Cairns businesses, and uncover the most pressing business issues ahead of a State Government election expected late this or early next year, so that CCIQ can accurately and forcefully influence the policies impacting you. We will stay in touch with respondents to share the results, and use the opinions and data collected to identify the issues which Far North Queensland small businesses say will secure their vote. Your participation in the survey will help us present your views to government, as well as all political candidates in the upcoming election.

We will be finding out what makes the local business community tick. Specifically, we want to know what motivated you to start your business and what general and regional challenges you face. We’ll also ask your views on energy prices, transport, getting finance, red tape, tax, people management, workforce skills, the digital economy, infrastructure and more.

CCIQ is the voice of small business in Queensland and its opportunities like this that give local business owners a megaphone to report how politicians and other decision makers can make life better for them.

Far North Queensland businesses are an engaged lot. CCIQ’s most recent major survey garnered more responses in and around Cairns than from any other patch of regional Queensland.

At a time when the Queensland Government is actively listening to the small business sector, we need you to be part of the solution. That starts with telling us your story.

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