20 Tips to Get Serious with Networking

Tuesday 11 July, 2017 | By: Andrew Griffiths and Bree James | Tags: Business over Breakfast podcast, Business Networking, Building a successful business

We all know the familiar anxiety and awkwardness of attending networking events.

In this episode of Business over Breakfast, Bree and Andrew give you 20 top tips on how to get you best prepared to be a networking pro. Networking can be vital in building a successful business, so by following these strategies, you can be sure to always get something out of attending networking events. From deciding if you should even go to a networking event to conversation starters to what to do afterwards, Bree and Andrew cover everything to help you feel confident as a networking business professional..

Additionally, we have Bob Greenup as our guest this episode. He is the franchise owner of BNI Sydney Central & South Regions, which is part of the largest referral organisation in the world. As someone who focuses with his franchise on developing, educating and supporting committed, passionate and referable business communities to build  strong business relationships, he was the perfect person to discuss how to become a professional networker.

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Plus, Bree and Andrew also get into today...

  • What exactly is networking
  • Telling the difference between a good networking opportunity and a bad one
  • Why you should fight the urge to chat with only familiar faces at networking events
  • The question you should ask instead of “What do you do?”
  • When the best time is to arrive at an event
  • What you can do beforehand to prepare yourself to do well at networking
  • Easy business card tricks
  • One unique way to make yourself memorable to others
  • Where to position yourself at an event
  • How to keep a network once you establish one
  • Smart business ideas from around the globe

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