A Professional’s Guide to the Perfect PR

Monday 17 July, 2017 | By: Andrew Griffiths and Bree James | Tags: Business over Breakfast podcast, coverage, publicity, different avenues of media

“All publicity is good publicity”? Not anymore. Publicity is important for businesses both big and small, but it has to be good to be effective, and while it’s easy to become intimidated by the idea of media coverage, it’s an essential part of any business model.

In today’s episode of Business Over Breakfast, we talk about the advantages PR can bring to your company, as well as all the different media options available to you, and how to go about leveraging that media coverage once you get it.

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Our guest this week is Trena-Louise Lyons, owner of boutique public relations company Newsroom PR, and she provides some hugely valuable top tips on conducting your own media and PR, the benefits of a great communications plan and how it can boost your business, and the advantages of media exposure. If you’ve been wondering how to formulate  your PR plan, Trena answers all the important questions.

We also discuss things like:

  • How to get your business in the media
  • Good publicity versus bad publicity
  • The benefits of being persistent
  • The many different avenues of media, and how to pick which one suits you best
  • Why being interviewed isn’t as scary as you might think
  • The credibility media coverage can bring to your organisation
  • Why the media needs you, and how to give them what they want
  • What makes something newsworthy?
  • Robot priests (yes, really!)

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