Queensland Election 2017

The Queensland election will determine not only the next Premier of Queensland, but also the course of Queensland’s economy at a time of significant transition.

Over the last three years, CCIQ members have relied on CCIQ to provide them with knowledge, insights, and unbiased analysis on Government, Opposition, and minor party policies relating to small and medium businesses. This election will be no exception.

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The Chamber will objectively analyse the policies released by each major party and how they impact economic growth and societal prosperity of Queensland.

CCIQ's Election Promise

CCIQ is determined that the issues of concern and importance for Queensland small businesses stay at the forefront of the State election policy debate.

Our promise to the Queensland business community and all political candidates seeking election is to maintain our nonpartisan position, assess all policies on their merit to the business community, and to be steadfastly independent in analysing and encouraging constructive debate throughout the election period. 

Pain Points


What are your business' pain points? Have your say!


Key Business Battle Grounds

From everything our members and the wider business community have told us we have identified 3 key battlegrounds on which the business vote rides. We have gathered the insights from business and we will be measuring every policy put forward by all sides of government against these three key areas:

Click on the links above to view the key insights and policy recommendations that CCIQ and small businesses wish the next Queensland government to enact. 

The Importance of Small Business In Queensland

Small businesses power economic and regional development across Queensland and are the providers of many families’ livelihood – they are the larger businesses of tomorrow.


We believe that politicians of all sides must not take this vote for granted as 414,000 small business owners is a significant proportion of the vote in what will be a very tightly fought contest.  As our recent CCIQ ReachTEL poll shows, the business vote is far from secure.

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