Growing Queensland

Infrastructure Investment

 What is the issue?

A lack of infrastructure investment is holding back the potential of the Queensland economy. Public infrastructure investment is at decade long lows, and going forward we will require private sector involvement to help secure the funding for projects given the State’s deteriorating budget position. Infrastructure investment is more than building new roads and highways. While transport infrastructure remains a priority, infrastructure investment in all our major services is required. The scope of infrastructure projects needed across Queensland ranges from water, energy, health, recreation and tourism to rail, roads, ports and digital networks. Investment in projects across all these sectors will lead to quality infrastructure that boosts economic activity that and lifts our standard of living.

What policy commitments do we want from candidates?
  • Restore infrastructure spending to 4.25% of Gross State Product.
  • Get Queensland’s fair share of Federal infrastructure funding.
  • Build the vital water infrastructure necessary in Northern Queensland.
  • Invest in transport infrastructure to ease congestion in South-East Queensland.
  • Improve processes to encourage Market-led proposals and secure Private Public Partnership funding.
  • Ensure transparent and rigorous cost-benefit analyses and business cases are developed during planning processes.

State Finances and Budget Repair

What is the issue?

State government debt is projected to blow out to over $81 billion by 2020-21. Failure to maintain fiscal discipline and keep expenditure in check leaves the State in a precarious fiscal position, mortgaging the future and saddling younger generations with debt. As the level of debt grows, so too does the tax burden and the annual interest payments required to service the debt. In 2016-17, annual debt servicing costs were $1.7 billion – which is equivalent to 3% of total expenditure in the budget. The more the government spends on the interest bill, the less money there is available for essential services such as health, education and police or giving the money back to Queenslanders through tax cuts.

What policy commitments do we want from candidates?
  • Commit to ongoing fiscal operating surpluses.
  • A reduction in the public-sector debt burden over the next five years.
  • Capping growth of the public service to rate of population growth.
  • Restore the state’s credit rating back to AAA.

Innovation to Drive Small Business Growth

What is the issue?

Innovation programs must be reoriented to capture interest from existing small businesses. Every business should be encouraged to grow and boost their sustainability and vitality. With the increasing development of smart technologies in businesses and households the opportunities for innovation and growth are developing. Digital disruption has been framed as a barrier when it needs to be viewed as an enabler for businesses to grow. Almost 85% of small businesses only assume large business can innovate. CCIQ is endeavoring to revive the ambition and determination that small business owners had when they were growing their business initially. We want to use their successes to inspire them to continue to take risks – and take bigger risks.

What policy commitments do we want from candidates?
  • Allow for small business clusters and partnerships for government tenders.
  • Develop innovation policy that encompasses all components and industries of the business ecosystem.
  • Target innovation strategies towards regional industries.
  • Provide infrastructure to allow business to grow and innovate.