Powering Queensland

Electricity Prices

What is the issue?

Electricity prices have skyrocketed in the past decade for small business owners. Small businesses have been burdened by inefficient networks, gouging by generators and policy failure. We own the assets, and we pay for it.

Our networks are 100% government owned and have been highlighted as some of the most inefficient in Australia, increasing prices by 41%. The current commitment to a 50% renewable target has inflated costs to small business bills. We understand that 67% of small businesses rank affordability and reliability as the focus of energy policy.

Energy prices are a stealth tax on businesses and have ballooned to unsustainable levels. CCIQ has done extensive polling on the impact of electricity prices for small business. Over 170,000 Queensland jobs are at risk if prices are not immediately reduced. Almost 3 in 4 businesses want reduction of electricity prices listed as a high priority for the Queensland State election.

The levers to be pulled are attached to complex, opaque systems, however at CCIQ we know there are simple solutions to begin making effective change.

What policy commitments do we want from candidates?
  • Abolish the 50% renewable energy target.
  • Set prices for Queensland networks at efficient levels.
  • Remove the competitive neutrality charge from networks.
  • Abolish the Solar Bonus Scheme post 2020.
  • Adopt 5-minute settlement period.
  • Introduce regional retail competition.
What has CCIQ done so far to advocate for my business?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ), CANEGROWERS and Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) have come together to form a Queensland Industry Energy Alliance (QIEA) highlighting 5 key principles both major parties can commit to which will reduce Queensland’s skyrocketing electricity bills. 

Download the 5 Key Principles