Say No to a Christmas Eve Public Holiday

The Palaszczuk Government is talking about introducing a new half-day public holiday on Christmas Eve. We need to stop this bad policy before it becomes law!

This extra public holiday is a terrible idea because:

  • It's yet another penalty on businesses who employ Queenslanders.
  • Many smaller businesses will have to shut on Christmas Eve which will not only hurt them, but their employees and customers too.
  • Workers are already entitled to apply for leave over Christmas Eve. Making it a public holiday will only hurt employees who rely on a Christmas Eve shift.
  • The Government's own figures show it will cost businesses up to $137M every year!

If this issue is important to you, please let the Office of Industrial Relations know by using the form below. Be sure to take a minute to explain how the change will impact you.

Public submissions close on 2 September, so speak up now before it's too late.

Sign the petition here: