Small Business is a Big Deal

Small Business is a Big Deal is a grassroots movement supported by Chambers of Commerce around Queensland. Small business makes up 98% of all businesses in Australia, and together they employ more Australians than government or large businesses. In fact, small businesses help to put food on the table for nearly 5 million people, and give hundreds of thousands of young Australians their first job. 

Small Business is a Big Deal aims to unite  employers and employees, not drive them apart. In the campaign, we’re calling on all political parties to fix the three most urgent problems which small businesses say they face: 

  1. Help employers and employees work better together   
  2. Deliver affordable, reliable energy with lower emissions  
  3. Stop the collapse in skills  

This election will be make or break for our small business sector. Over the coming weeks, we will be highlighting how small business creates jobs, cares for workers, and sustains our community. 

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