A lack of infrastructure investment is holding back the potential of the Queensland economy. Public infrastructure investment is at decade long lows and going forward we will require private sector involvement to help secure funding for projects.

While transport infrastructure remains a priority, infrastructure investment in all our major services is required. The scope of infrastructure projects needed across Queensland ranges from water, energy, health, recreation and tourism to rail, roads, ports and digital networks.

Investment in projects across all these sectors will lead to quality infrastructure that boosts economic activity, lifting standards of living across Queensland.


  • Balance the need for growth-proof infrastructure in South East Queensland with delivering a world-class capital works program for Queensland’s regions.

  • Facilitate regional ‘City Deals’ based on the SEQ City Deal model to create a long-term template that will secure sustainable investment, attract investors, and revitalize our regional centres.

  • Ensure regional infrastructure requirements are not overlooked and that various regional priority projects are appropriately funded over the forward estimates.

  • Re-commit to the ‘Building Our Regions’ Fund.

  • Prioritise road, electricity and telecommunications projects which will increase productivity for businesses.


Funding options for infrastructure investment

Public Private Partnerships (Utilization of Market Led Proposals).

  • Sale / Lease Back Arrangements (i.e. sell underutilized state-government assets to be leased back from private sector to save on capital works program. Divert savings in capital works program to new infrastructure projects.)
  • Build new infrastructure with the caveat that infrastructure will be sold to the private sector within a defined timeframe.
  • Sale of Future Rights (i.e sell to the private sector the ‘option rights’ to build future specific infrastructure).
  • Negotiate with the Commonwealth for more funding of major projects.
  • Infrastructure Efficiency Fund - efficiency dividend applied to all portfolios to fund major infrastructure projects.