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Queensland is Australia’s greatest state in which to live, but at times nature unleashes its fury on the Sunshine State and the ramifications for business, community and our economy can be devastating.

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From our research following the 2011 Floods, Cyclone Yasi and Cyclone Oswald we know the impacts for businesses can be severe. To help businesses prepare for this year's storm season CCIQ has partnered with Queensland Government, the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Get Ready Queensland to put together resources and information to help you to make sure your business can mitigate your risks and prepare for storm season.

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Watch the Queensland Government video on how best prepare your business for storm season.



In the event of natural disasters in Queensland, a range of resources has been developed to help businesses get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

The resources are:

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly as we will add new information and resources as they are made available.


Below are a series of factsheets that will provide business owners and managers with essential information relating to the recovery efforts from the impacts of natural disasters. Simply click on a link to download the file.

The factsheets cover key areas of:

Preparing Your Business

Getting prepared before a natural disaster strikes your community will help your business continue to
operate and recover quickly. Business Continuity Planning provides a framework to help you consider
risks and what is needed to be operational post-disaster, develop your response to a disaster and to
organise adequate insurance.

Standing Down EmployeesInformation on standing down your workforce in the event of a natural disaster
Business Recovery ChecklistOnce the flood waters and cyclone damage has occured and you’ve had the opportunity to address the impacts of the damage for your family, friends and community, you will then most likely turn your attention to dealing with recovering and re-establishing your business.
Directors’ liabilities where likely to be trading insolvent


CCIQ is aware that the in certain natural disaster circumstances in Queensland may lead to some companies trading insolvent. This fact sheet provides an overview of some of the Director’s duties and liabilities with regards to insolvent trading and provides an overview of the options companies have and the possible penalties and consequences if they trade when insolvent.

Environmental guidance for flood and cyclone affected businesses

Business owners/operators of flood/natural disaster affected businesses who believe that there may be any risk that their premises contains chemical substances or contaminated materials should engage a professional commercial cleaner to clean flood damaged areas.
Managing Your Employees Following a DisasterWith natural disasters as widespread as Queensland has experienced in the past few weeks, it is highly likely that not only has your business been affected, but that you and your employees may well have been directly affected personally as well.
Financial Considerations in Rebuilding and Re-establishing Your BusinessTaking a measured approach to your response to a natural disaster can mean the difference between problems that threaten the continuation of your business and an opportunity not only to return to normal but emerge even stronger. Here are a few tips to get your business back to usual and give you the best chance of success, both in the immediate future and in years to come.

Natural Disaster Emergencies

State Emergency Service

Phone 132 500


Government advice and resources for businesses

Get Ready Queensland is the go to site for information this storm season. Packed with resources and essential information. When it comes to extreme weather events in Queensland, it’s not so much a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. The more prepared we all are, the faster we’ll bounce back afterwards.

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The Queensland Government’s Business and Industry Portal has information on support services for natural disasters, along with some practical advice on preparation and recovery.

The Federal Government's Disaster Assist website provides businesses with information relating to disasters and where to obtain support. 


In the event of a natural disaster CCIQ will extend its Employer Assistance Line services to any Queensland businesses forced to temporarily close or reduce operations as a natural disaster.

CCIQ's Employer Assistance Line will provide free human resources advice to businesses impacted by natural disasters in terms of managing their workforces appropriately and within the Fair Work Act.

For those businesses that are forced to shut due to flooding, cyclone or loss of power, industrial relations provisions in Australia provide options for staff to be placed on leave.

In the event of a natural disaster businesses can call CCIQ's Employer Assistance Line on 1300 731 988 or email advice@cciq.com.au.

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 Sign up for our free storm season webinars where you will hear from experts who can help you prepare your business for storm season.

Webinars are live online presentations from experts on a topic and can be viewed live or on demand after the broadcast via CCIQ's YouTube channel.

If you can't make the specific time - don't worry - we will send everyone who signs up a copy of the presentation and additional information to help you to prepare your business.

Webinar - Preparing your business for Storm Season (part 1) – Your physical premises

8 December 2015 @ 4pm

Severe storms can strike at any time. They are often unpredictable and can cause major damage to property, as well as serious injury and even loss of life.

In this webinar, the Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) will share some simple ways to protect your employees and business from storms and what you can do to minimise the impact on your premises and property.

Webinar - Preparing your business for Storm Season (part 2) –Business Interruption Processes

9 December 2015 @4pm

Business resilience is not only about how businesses recover after a crisis or interruption, it is about how they prepare to avoid an interruption in the first place.

If your business is increasingly dependent on IT, then availability/accessibility is important to you.

This webinar, Sundata’s, Kon Kakanis will help you to understand the impacts of IT failure on your business and how to prioritise a plan which will reduce the risk and the impact of any outages in the event of a natural disaster.  You will also learn how to communicate and develop your plan with staff and IT providers.

Webinar - Storm Season – Business Continuity - What to do when nature strikes

14 December 2015 @ 4pm

Join us for this free one-hour webinar which will outline how you can prepare your business for the storm season and other potential crises.

Learn how to develop a Business Continuity Plan for your business to identify risks associated with different disasters, assess the impacts on your business and develop an action plan to assist you to mitigate the risks that could interrupt your business operations.

Once you have completed this webinar, you should be better equipped to respond to crises and disaster events. You should also have an understanding of business continuity strategies and understand the importance of developing a plan for your business.

Webinar - Storm Season – Stories of Queensland Businesses

15 December 2015 @ 4pm

Join a panel of industry experts to discuss real life case studies of Queensland businesses who have been devastated by natural disasters and how they have recovered and continued to re-build and operate their business and what processes they have put in place to prepare for future events.

Webinar - How to manage staff safety before, during and after a natural disaster

17 December 2015 @ 12pm

When unexpected disaster strikes, not only does this impact the financial aspect of a business, but your employees also feel the impacts.

Employers should use a systematic approach to the management of emergency situations such as the impeding storm season in SEQLD.  Employers need to have policies and procedures in place to minimise the impact of emergency situations on employees and business.  

CCIQ’s employer Assistance Advisor, Anastasia Caris will take you through the policies and procedures regarding emergency response, crisis management, employee benefits and workforce planning and community service leave should be reviewed prior to the storm season.