Finance Workshop

CCIQ & Logan Office of Economic Development have combined forces to deliver a series of valuable workshops for businesses operating within the Logan Council region.

The first and most important topic to be covered is Finance, get your business into great financial shape by participating in the following workshops:

Workshop 1 – Riding the Waves of Business
Presenter: Michelle Gargar 
9:00am – 10:30am

Business can be a series of highs and lows, but do we know when we are in a low and how to get out of it?

Come and learn about some leading key indicators that you can watch to tell whether your business is performing at the elite level, and discover things you can do to bring yourself out of a low. 

Beat the statistics of small business failures and become one of the success stories.

Workshop 2 – How to get paid for the work that you do
Presenter: Ana Manu, Kemps Petersons Receivables 
10:30am – Midday

We all at one time or another have to deal with people who haven’t paid us on time and we all want to bury our heads in the sand sometimes.  But here’s the thing, as a business owner you can’t afford to do that... if you do guess what... you pay!

Writing a plan of action for unpaid accounts and then actioning the plan is the secret to debt management.  Sounds easy doesn’t it! Too often the plan gets changed based on relationships and before you know it the debt within your business has reached an unmanageable level.   

Let’s set the rules so everyone knows what will happen if they don’t pay on time.

Come along to our workshop and be part of sharing tips and tricks, insights and experiences flavoured with practical steps you can take to increase your bank account and reduce your overdue accounts.

Event Details
Date: Friday 23rd September 2016
Time: 9:00am – Midday 
Venue: Logan City Council, 150 Wembley Rd, Logan Central 
Cost: Complimentary (includes light refreshments)

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