Logan Office of Economic Development (LOED) Workshop - March 2017

Session One – 9:15am – 10:30am

Title: Is your business really performing online?

Presenter: Tracie Eaton, Trove Online

About this Session:

How frustrating is it spending HEAPS of $$ on digital marketing with no leads and not really understanding what your agency is doing for you, Let alone not getting the sales leads you want from your website.

If any of these describe how you are feeling right now…it's time to change the game.

Arm yourself, or your staff with critical online & business-ready understandings.

You CAN stop the cash bleed, generate more sales & ensure strategic business growth.


The Importance of planning, strategy & targeting

  • Targeting based on your ideal “Ready-To-Buy” client

What makes a great website, relevant to your “Ready-To-Buy” client 

  • Importance of keyword research 

  • Understanding subconscious consumer expectations

The role of content in securing leads

  • Using personalisation thinking to attract your client

  • Importance of consumer-centric content to maximise sales opportunities

  • Creating authority & trust 

 The Importance of measuring for business success

  • Importance of assessing online performance against business strategy

Understanding digital marketing means controlling your online costs, the perception of your brand, and the number of leads you receive.


    Session Two – 10:45am – Midday

    Title: Connecting with your customer

    Presenter: Chris Hodda, Nexus Innovation

    About this Session:

    A buying decision is formed subconsciously by your customers long before a conscious buying decision is made. 

    Nexus’s ground breaking new research tells us that just like body language, every business gives off micro gestures that causes people to make emotional judgment calls on whether you, your product or services will effectively meet their emotional desires, wants and needs.

    The research tells us your customers are continually subconsciously judging you and your business against 10 Emotional Perception Criteria (EPC’s). They use these to judge you against your competition to determine whom they will give their money to.

    Quite often you’ve lost the customer even before you’ve had a chance to present your case on why they should do business with you.

    Chris Hodda from Nexus Innovation will discuss:

    • The 10 Emotional Perception Criteria

    • The 4 Operational Areas that form a Value Matrix of Emotional Stimuli

    • The Nexus 7 Steps to Rapid Business Innovation for Accelerated Results

    For more information on these workshops please contact:

    Amy Panuccio on 0458 422 041 or apanuccio@cciq.com.au