Cairns Regional Council Masterclass: Data Management

Leveraging your customer data to maximise results.

The world is going digital, and with that comes a world of data. 

Learn how to leverage off your customers online behaviours to increase revenue and customer retention. 

This session will explore the following methods for data management:

  • Big Data: What is it and how can you use it to your advantage? 
  • Customer Segmentation through Data Insights: How you can understand your customers better through data collection and analysis, translating into meaningful customer personas. 
  • Marketing through Data: Understanding your customer journey based upon data collected at various touch-points can help your business optimise your customer experience. 
  • The importance of data management: Your data only means something if it is correct. Understanding the importance of 'clean' data can vastly improve your customer journey. 

Join us for another Cairns Regional Council Small Business Masterclass after our popular sessions held in August 2017. 

Venue: BDO (NTH QLD), Cairns Corporate Tower, 1/15 Lake St, Cairns City