Cairns Regional Council Masterclass: The Sales Session

This is a topic in demand! Although many small business owners aren’t professional sales people, it’s potentially the most important skill for a business owner to develop.

Nobody knows your product like you, and this session will show you how to find opportunity, and to win new customers and clients in a way that’s professional and sustainable.

Learn how to stay motivated, the basic things you need to ensure you’re going to keep your customers, how to build a persuasive proposal and how to track leads.

Attendees will also learn the importance of knowing the value of their business to grow and increase sales. 

This session was held in Cairns CBD recently and sold out. It’s not to be missed.

Join us for another Cairns Regional Council Small Business Masterclass after our popular sessions held over the last few years.

Venue: The Spirit of Babinda Hall, 51 Munro Street (behind the Taskforce Office), Babinda.

Rhiannon Simcocks, Kleinhardt
Tara Diversi, YEP
Kirsten Lowis, Zoom in Business