Cairns Regional Council Masterclass: Sustainability

“Cutting energy costs and increasing profits”

Results from the recent CCIQ Pulse Survey of Business Conditions show that rising cost pressures are consistently a recurring theme across survey periods. Businesses are citing the increase in energy costs as a critical issue.  

Finding ways to reduce expenses can make a big difference to your bottom line. 

This masterclass will look at building a sustainable business and teach you how to:

  • Keep track of expenses to increase your profit margin;
  • Implement practical ways to reduce energy costs; and 
  • Access support available to assist your business. 

Presenters will include:

  • Cheryl Overlack, BDO (NTH QLD);
  • Johanna Kloot, ecoBiz; and
  • Dr Daniel Stronggrove, Cairns Regional Council.

Please bring your electricity bills (from the last 12 months if possible).

Specialists will be available to discuss your electricity bill with you.

A representative from Ergon Energy will also be available to answer queries.

As an added bonus, Cairns Regional Council will be offering one lucky business an energy monitor installation prize (valued at approximately $600), enabling prioritised savings opportunities to be identified at your premises.

A business card draw will be held at the conclusion of the masterclass.

To be eligible, you must have your electricity bills from the last 12 months with you and be present at the time of the draw. 

Join us for this new take on sustainable business, delivered thanks to Cairns Regional Council. 

Venue: BDO North Qld, Level 1/15 Lake Street Cairns QLD 4870