Brisbane ecoBiz Leaders Forum in Sustainability

Facilitating sustainable thinking, relationship building and recognition for the leaders in the ecoBiz community, this event is the premier sustainability leaders’ forum in Brisbane to expand your knowledge, and connect with your peers. 

In conjunction with QTIC, Griffith and CCIQ ecoBiz, we would like to invite you to join the first Leader’s Forum for 2018.
With a focus on the hospitality and tourism industries, this event is two-fold. Firstly, as an opportunity to recognise ecoBiz Star Partners, educate, and network with peers through the Leaders’ forum. And secondly, to empower you to take charge against the impacts of Climate Change, get involved, and shape a better future for your industry and environment through the QTIC Changing Climate Changing Business Workshop. 

Details of both events are below.

ecoBiz Leaders’ Forum 
CCIQ ecoBiz is excited to invite you to the first 2018 ecoBiz Leaders Forum. Hosted by CCIQ CEO Stephen Tait, this is the perfect opportunity for you to network with like-minded ecoBiz Leaders and Participants who are working towards sustainability.

You’ll hear from several successful ecoBiznesses on how they reduced their energy, water consumption and waste production, with businesses achieving Partnership status receiving ceremonial recognition. 

Walk through Southbank TAFE’s industrial kitchens as Food Sustainability Specialist, Simon Grigalius hosts a practical demonstration on food waste reduction, and how small changes can affect big results. 

This event is a must attend for all Brisbane businesses who want to connect and share their stories with like-minded leaders across the region. 

Forum Details
Date: 15 March 2018 
Time: 3:00pm -5:30pm

Venue: 66 on Ernest - Southbank TAFE, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane, 4101. 

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QTIC Changing Climate Changing Business Workshop
12pm - 3pm, Southbank TAFE

Just before the EcoBiz event there is an opportunity to have your say on the draft Tourism Sector Climate Change Action Plan – happening at the same venue from 12noon until 3pm, and includes lunch.

This work is being led by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council in partnership with Griffith University, and has been commissioned by the Queensland Government.  

The tourism industry has the opportunity to be proactive and identify what is needed to show leadership and to adapt to the changes ahead. This will help to protect the natural environment we rely on so heavily as an industry and to create benefits such as reduced costs and a competitive edge for businesses.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say – to register for the QTIC Changing Climate Changing Business Workshop, please CLICK HERE