Sustainability in Business Workshop - Save your business money while reducing your impact

Looking for ways to reduce your operating costs that positively impacts the environment?

CCIQ ecoBiz is hosting a free workshop to help businesses just like yours to save money through sustainable workplace efficiencies. 

In this session, you will learn how : 

  • Sustainability in business can positively impact your bottom line 

  • To identify cost-saving initiatives in the workplace

  • To empower your workforce to make sustainable choices 

  • To identify top tips and tricks to reduce your usage and save

About ecoBiz: CCIQ ecoBiz is a fully-subsidised program that has helped businesses like yours save thousands of dollars across energy, water and waste bills. ecoBiz provides access to a number of free tools and events including one-to-one coaching, a site survey, benchmarking tools, workshops and webinars.

This workshop is presented by local sustainability consultant Johanna Kloot, who understands the challenges faced by regional-based businesses.

Event Details
Date:  Thursday, 19 April
Venue: Babinda Taskforce - 51 Munro Street
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Cost: Complimentary