CRC Masterclass: The 30-Minute Marketing Plan

Does marketing puzzle you? Or are you at a loss on how to best develop your brand? 

From content marketing to radio, and letter box flyers, the most effective method can depend on your budget, industry and your customers. The landscape for marketing (identifying opportunities for market growth) has changed exponentially over the past ten years. With more ways to connect with your customers than ever before, it's important to understand where they're hiding, and how to communicate with them in a way that resonates with them best. 

Join us at the Cairns Regional Council Masterclass for the 30-Minute Marketing plan, to help you grow your brand on a shoe-string budget, and unlock your marketing potential. 

Bob Cobavie, Managing Director of Outsource Management Pty Ltd will walk you through the methods to market your business effectively, through a customer-centric approach.

In this class, you will create a strategic plan that you can take direct to market to help boost your brand and business to your customers.  This will include: 

  • Understanding your market & competitors
  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Outlining your business goals
  • Strategy-types and tactics 
  • Identifying best communication channels 
  • Budget planning 
  • Launch 
  • Management 

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 29 May, 2018
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Venue: Gordonvale Community Hall, 17 - 19 Cannon St, Gordonvale
Cost: $15


Bob Cobavie, Managing Director at Outsource Management Pty Ltd

Bob maintains a significant passion and enthusiasm for the journey of discovery created by research and development that goes into identifying new and innovative products and services, and the processes of commercialising the products and services that come from the R&D journey. Consequently he has developed significant knowledge and experience in assisting various innovative entrepreneurial individuals and companies with their planning and journey towards commercialisation.