CCIQ Business Masterclass

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The Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland presents the Brisbane Business Masterclass: “Protect, Grow and Profit”.

If you own or run a business, CCIQ is presenting a unique collection of practical presentations, delivered by experts who can power your business potential. Handpicked for their unique insights and experiences, our facilitators will help you to protect and grow your business, and profit from your endeavours.

You can sign up for a single session, multiple sessions or the full program. An SME Café will be on-location so you can catch up with emails or talk more with our presenting partners throughout the day.

Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to take your already established business to the next level, invest some time into achieving the financial future you want.

Through Sunsuper's partnership with CCIQ, Sunsuper Customers can attend for free, please contact CCIQ directly to book on 1300 731 988

7:30am - 8:45am
Business breakfast: Presented by Wilson HTM
How to invest your profits for greater returns

CCIQ members & Sunsuper Customers*: Free / Non-members: $40.00
(Includes a hot breakfast)

11:15am - 12:00pm
Presented by CCIQ ecoBiz and Infinity Power
How to reduce your costs by 30% and save the environment too

CCIQ members, Sunsuper Customers and Non-members: Free

Presented by Lloyds Business Brokers
How to accurately estimate what your business is worth

CCIQ members & Sunsuper Customers*: Free / Non-members: $25.00

Business Lunch: Presented by Austral Mercantile
How to quickly and painlessly recover money owed to you

CCIQ members & Sunsuper Customers*: Free / Non-members: $35.00
(Includes lunch from 1.30pm)

Presented by Surety IT
How to get the best results from a limited IT budget

CCIQ members & Sunsuper Customers*: Free / Non-members: $25.00

Presented by CCIQ EAL Team
How to stay on top of HR risks and the new Workplace Bullying laws

CCIQ members & Sunsuper Customers*: Free / Non-members: $25.00

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