ecoBiz is a free program run by CCIQ that helps businesses save thousands of dollars across their power, water and waste bills. Through ecoBiz, businesses put sustainable ideas into practice.

About the program

The program consists of a number of tools and events including one-to-one coaching, site survey, tools to benchmark, workshops and webinars. By joining ecoBiz you will gain access to these free tools to monitor how much energy, water and waste your business uses. By understanding what you use and monitoring your consumption you will be able to track areas for improvement. ecoBiz gives you access to a free online benchmarking tool to measure and record energy, water and waste use across the seasons of your business.

How it can help your business

Every year, CCIQ ecoBiz participants save thousands of dollars through the program. By using the benchmarking tool in conjunction with all of the free support from the ecoBiz team through coaching, workshops and webinars you will be able to create an action plan. Simply register for a coaching session today for your free site survey without expert trainers. After your session you will have the opportunity to implement no-cost, low-cost and even high-investment initiatives into your business to achieve savings in your energy, water and waste bills.

ecoBiznesses that engage in the program and track their bills for 12months save their business an average of:
• 19% of your power costs
• 31% of your water costs
• 39% of your waste costs

For each business, ecoBiz can run for a minimum of 12 months and up to three years. This allows participants to record a whole year of power, water and waste costs, and measure the savings that result from implementing even a few small changes through the program. With the help of sustainability experts, you will be able to develop and implement an action plan to help your business save.

To find out more about ecoBiz please visit the program website >>