Certified Declaration of Origin


What is a Certified Declaration of Origin?

Many customs measures relating to goods being imported into a country, in particular those relating to tariff & public health, depend on this certificate for their administration of the origin of the goods.
The increasing number and the complexities of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA's) has emphasised the importance of correctly identifying the origin of imports. Such evidence is the Certificate of Origin & Certified Declaration of Origin.

While the Certificate of Australian Origin is applicable for goods originating from Australia, the Certified Declaration Origin is applicable for goods originating from another country. These are goods originally imported in Australia and then re-exported to another export market.


Why do I need a Certified Declaration of Origin?

Certified Declaration of Origin verifies that the goods were manufactured outside of Australia and can be used for customs clearance at the port of destination.

The Certified Declaration is per shipment document.


How to obtain a Certified Declaration of Origin?

Step 1: Complete the Exporter Information C04 Form to register your business with us. You have to complete the registration just once.

Step 2: E-mail your completed C04 form to CCIQ International Trade Services to exportdocs@cciq.com.au

Step 3: Once the completed C04 form is received, it will be processed the same day and you can start submitting your Certified Declaration of Origin for processing. Download a Certified Declaration of Origin template here.

Step 4: Submit you Certified Declaration of Origin through one of the below options:

We may request supporting evidence.

Step 5: If you choose the last option, forward the original (printed on white A4 paper, double sided and in color) hard copy of the Certified Declaration of Origin to your importer.

Should you require any assistance with the above process please give us a call on 07 3192 0150 or send us an email to exportdocs@cciq.com.au.

Our CCIQ Export Documentation Team is here to help.

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