Document certification


CCIQ can certify a variety of export documents, such as:

  • Certificates of Free Sale – must be on Chamber letterhead 
  • Health Certificates – Must be on company letterhead
  • Commercial Invoices – must be on you company documents 
  • Certificates of Analysis – must be on your company letterhead
  • Certificates of Manufacture – must be on company letterhead 
  • Supplier Declarations of Conformity 
  • Visa letters – must be on your company letterhead and bring your passport for verification purposes.

Please contact CCIQ for correct wording and format before creating letter or document to ensure it complies with the various authorities' processes and requirements. Please note you may be required to complete C04 Exporter Information form for some attestations.

For CCIQ to attest to the validity of such documents, you must forward the original documents, plus a copy for filing, to the Export Documentation team.

Document Certification is processed within 24 hours from initial submission from 8.30am Monday- 5pm Friday.

Should you require any assistance with the above documents please give us a call on
07 3192 0150 or send us an email to

Our CCIQ Export Documentation Team is here to help.