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eCertify is an efficient and cost effective way to have your export documents certified.

As a CCIQ member, you’ll save up to 45% of your certification costs – which means your membership will pay for itself in no time.

CCIQ has partnered with eCertify to provide exporters and freight forwarders a user-friendly, online solution that enables them to process Certificates of Origin with our chamber direct from their PC desktops.

So eliminate paper-based processing of certificates and start saving time and money today!

There are three electronic options to process your export documents with our chamber using eCertify:

1.eCert Webdocs

Use this method to create, submit and collect Certificates of Origin and associated export documents using eCertify online templates through the Chamber website.

2. eCert Submit

Use this method to upload, submit and collect export documents in PDF format using eCertify. Click here to download, save and use an editable Certificate of Origin PDF for non-preferential and preferential Certificates of Origin.

3. eCert Direct

Use this method to create, submit and collect certificates of origin using accredited eCertify export management software.

Benefits include:

  • Easy, online creation of documents
  • Saves time and money on couriers
  • Faster documentation certification turnaround times
  • Increased compliance and record keeping

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If you import or export, join CCIQ today for as little as $12 a week and save on documentation services.