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Scope of Activity

Timeframe for Assessment
Frequently Asked Questions

Role of a RCB

If you need to boost your workforce by sponsoring highly skilled foreign workers, CCIQ can help.
CCIQ is a Regional Certifying Body for Queensland. That means CCIQ helps employers sponsor permanently highly skilled foreign workers (ANZSCO skill levels 1 to 3) under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) – visa (subclass 187)  

The role of an RCB is to provide advice to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) on RSMS Direct Entry stream employer nomination applications, using local area knowledge to advise DIBP in relation to the genuine need for the nominated position and terms and conditions of employment in accordance with certain specified requirements

RSMS Direct Entry stream nominations must be accompanied by advice from an RCB, however the advice can be provided before or after lodgement. DIBP cannot approve a nomination where advice from an RCB has not been provided.

Regional Certifying Body Checklist - Download here

Scope of Activity

Employer nominations must be considered by an RCB located in the same state or territory where the nominated position exists. It is the responsibility of each RCB to ensure that requests relate to a position within its jurisdiction in the relevant state or territory and that the position is within the nominating business. 

All areas of Australia are covered except Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong & Melbourne. A list of postcodes specifying which parts of Australia are considered regional for RSMS purposes can be found here.

CCIQ is gazetted as a Regional Certifying Body in the locations of Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Rockhampton (including Emerald), Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay & Burnett (including Bundaberg), Toowoomba, Townsville & Mount Isa. To access the contact details of the individual office please click on the relevant link below:

To check which RCB covers the post code for your nomination click here.
For further assistance contact the relevant RCB office or e-mail

RCBPrimary ContactTelEmail
Gold Coast

PO Box 7066 Gold Coast

Diana Gueorguieva

0439 088

PO Box 829 Rockhampton

Tracey Koekemoer

(07) 3192

PO Box 3241 Townsville

Brooke Andrews

0439 081 791

PO Box 7786 Cairns

Lauren Mesch

(07) 3192
Sunshine Coast

PO Box 1087 Mooloolaba

Kate Prior

(07) 3192

PO Box 1410 Toowoomba

Eric Bubeck

(07) 3192

PO Box 795 Mackay

Brooke Andrews

(07) 3192
Head OfficeDiana Gueorguieva - Regional Migration Services(07) 3192


Click here to see our RCB Flyer

Timeframe for assessment

The RSMS application processing time will be within 10 business days of receipt of the request and applicable supporting documents.

Fees and charges - Effective from 1 January 2018

CCIQ Members: $414.70 (Inc. GST) - 35% Member Discount
CCIQ Non-Members: $638.00 (Inc. GST) 

Please note, in cases when the tax invoice is issued under the business name of the agent it will reflect the membership status of the agent, not their client i.e. we don’t grant membership price to non-members. To obtain CCIQ membership call 1300 731 988.

Cancellation Policy: The processing fees are not refundable.

To process a credit card payment please use CCIQ payments

Providing Immigration Advice

The RCB’s role is to provide advice to the Department as to whether a nomination meets relevant migration criteria and should only be answering queries that relate directly to their assessment role, such as:

  • telling an employer what supporting documents they can provide to assist RCB officers with their assessment
  • telling an employer how requests are assessed and what sort of information could be considered when determining whether legislative requirements are satisfied
  • telling the employer how to lodge a request for assessment and supporting documents with the RCB

RCBs do not provide any migration advice to the employer or a visa applicant.

For migration advice contact DIBP by using the inquiry form on the website, or contact the general inquiries number 131881.

For further information click: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I sponsor someone?
Go to DIBP's website or contact DIBP on 131881 to find out what sponsorship option best suits your business.

Q2: Why do I need RCB advice?
A nomination made under the RSMS Direct Entry stream cannot be approved by the department unless a regional certifying body has provided their advice in regard to the application.
The advice provided by a regional certifying body is intended to ensure all RSMS Direct Entry stream nominations have been scrutinised by a third party who is familiar with local labour market conditions and who may be able to provide information on regional matters which the department may not be aware of. The regional certifying body assesses the nomination against the following criteria:

  • there is a genuine need for a paid employee in a business operated by the employer that is actively and lawfully operating in a regional area of Australia 
  • the terms and conditions of employment are the same as those that would apply to an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident performing the same work in the same location 
  • the nominated position cannot be reasonably filled from the local labour market.

Q3: What do I need to provide to get RCB advice?
See RCB Checklist available here.

Q4: Can I email the application?
Yes, this is our preferred option. Please email to

Q5: Does it cost?
Yes, CCIQ Members: $414.70 (Inc. GST) - 35% Member Discount, CCIQ Non-Members: $638.00 (Inc. GST). To obtain CCIQ membership contact us online or phone 1300 731 988.

Q6: How do I know if my post code is deemed “regional”?
Please refer to the list here on our website.

Q7: How long does our RCB advice last?
The 1404 form must be submitted to the Department of Immigration either before or after lodging the nomination, but within three months of the date of signing the form.

Q8: How long does RCB advice take to obtain?
Ensuring all relevant documents are included in the application, between 5-10 working days. If the RCB requires further supporting documents we will let you know.

Q9: Does it require a labour market testing?
The employer is required to provide evidence that they were unable to recruit an Australian permanent resident or citizen for this position. This could be demonstrated by providing evidence that at the time they recruited the current (temporary resident) worker they were unable to hire an Australian employee for that position or any other documents that would demonstrate that the recruitment/ advertising process has taken place.

Q10: What ANZSCO code applies to this position?
Refer to the Department of Immigration website.
If unable to find the occupation in the ANZSCO list then you probably need to discuss with DIBP.

Q11: How do I get someone’s qualifications assessed?
Contact DIBP on 131881.

Q12: What are the Occupations that qualify for the direct Entry Stream?
To quality the occupation will need to be:

  • an occupation as specified by legislative instrument IMMI 15/083 and IMMI 15/109 which lists certain occupations at ANZSCO skill level one, two, or three
  •  full-time, ongoing and available for two years.

Q13: What is RSMS- Direct Stream?

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) allows Australian employers in regional and low population growth areas of Australia to sponsor skilled overseas workers for permanent residence where the employers have been unable to fill vacant positions with Australian citizens or permanent residents living in the same local area as the nominated positions.

Direct Entry Stream is for applicants who are untested in the Australian labour market and is for persons who are either on a visa other than a subclass 457 visa; or who are on a subclass 457 visa but have not worked for their nominating employer for the last two years; or who are applying from outside of Australia.

For further information refer to our website here and the DIBP website.

Q14: What is the best way to contact the CCIQ RCB team for advice?
E-mail us to our group e-mail or contact the individual RCB.

Please note the RCB does not provide immigration advice.  For immigration advice contact DIBP by using the enquiry form on the website or call the general inquiries number 131881.