Changes to Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme as of 18 March 2018 - Direct Entry Stream

What has changed?

New occupation list

New market salary rate framework

A new market salary rate framework is in place for the RSMS program, which mirrors changed introduced for the new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa program. As a result, where the overseas worker will be paid less than $250,000 AUD, nominators need to demonstrate the following: 

  • They have determined the Annual Market Salary Rate (AMSR) using the specified method 
  • The overseas worker will not be paid less than this amount (i.e. less than what an Australian worker would be paid) 
  • Both the AMSR and what the overseas worker will be paid, excluding any non-monetary benefits in both cases, must be no less than the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) – e.g. currently $53,900 AUD.

Further information on salary and employment condition requirements for sponsored skilled visas, including determining the AMSR, is available at Salary and employment condition requirements for sponsored skilled visas

How does this affect RCB's?

While the regulations have changed quite substantially, the above changes do not impact RCB's significantly directly. RCB's will continue to provide advice on the basis of the occupation details provided by the nominating business in their request for assessment.

Need some assistance?

Additional information on the recent changes is available on the Department’s website. Relevant pages can be accessed from the Department’s skilled visa home page here.

These pages will be regularly updated to keep the community informed of the March 2018 changes, and any subsequent changes made to the skilled visa framework.