Blocking the Ensuring Integrity bill is another direct blow for small business: CCIQ

Friday 29 November, 2019 | By: Faith Jarvis Categories: media release;

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) is shocked that the Ensuring Integrity Bill has been blocked by Pauline Hanson and Jacqui Lambie in the Senate today.  

The Ensuring Integrity bill was intended to provide smaller businesses, which are under-resourced and unaware of ‘right of entry’ requirements, protection against unions who exert undue influence to gain entry.

CCIQ General Manager of Advocacy, Amanda Rohan, fears the failure of the bill to pass will create further unease and instability by not providing greater union accountability.

“For this bill to be blocked by Pauline Hanson, a former small business owner, shows her complete ignorance regarding the current threats to the business community, especially in her home state of Queensland.”

“Currently there is lack of protection for small businesses from unions who misuse power and it is a real threat to SMEs.

“We are not against law-abiding unions protecting workers’ rights but business owners are workers too and deserve adequate protection, which is what the Ensuring Integrity Bill provides,” Ms Rohan said.  

“We believe all groups and organisations, who engage in any wrongdoings must be held legally accountable.

“Unions currently have the ability to disregard right of entry laws without sufficient repercussions, which is costly both financially and operationally to small businesses.

“When businesses must deal with costs and disruptions imposed by union tactics, it generates instability in an already unstable environment.  

 “Business conditions in Queensland are already ranking lower than in the wake of GFC, with the highest unemployment and bankruptcy rates in the country, begging the question when will business get a break?” Ms Rohan said.

CCIQ encourages the Coalition to table the bill again. Especially in light of the most recent Royal Commission into union criminality, securing protection for small businesses against unlawful behaviours is a priority.  

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  • 30/11/2019 4:56pm (50 days ago)

    Union integrity bill fails in Senate; Labor blocks Taylor's Paris visit ... and to treat the fines imposed by courts as just the cost of doing business. ... The Senate has not passed the union-restricting Ensuring Integrity Bill ...

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