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The must-have membership for Queensland independent contractors

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Freelancer is a membership which gives you entry into Queensland's most influential business network, plus expert advice to help you go from self-employed to employer.

It's ideal for entrepreneurs who are flying solo that want more business knowledge, clients and profits. 

Pay just

$180 inc GST

per year:

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Supporting Queensland business

Your membership allows us to fight on behalf of SMEs across the state for better business conditions.


Free Subscription to Queensland Business News

Be in the know with a free subscription to Queensland Business News, CCIQ's news subscription service. You'll receive fortnightly updates, topical news and advice from Queensland's top business leaders to help you run a business.

Professional Growth

Become a better businessperson with free access to all of our webinars.

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Get on the list

Put your offer to other members with a searchable business listing on our online Member Directory.





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