My HR Manager

Complete HR compliance, managed by us.

The complete membership for Queensland business owners

Time and lost opportunities cost money so while you’re busy building your business, you need one of Queensland’s oldest industry associations managing your HR and IR functions.

My HR Membership

$1,500 monthly (ex GST)

Expert advice dedicated to your business’ success.

MyHR Manager is the most comprehensive membership CCIQ has offered in its 150-year history.

  • Our service allows you to affordably outsource your HR and IR function to Queensland’s leading employer association,
  • The cost is less than the hourly rate you’d pay for a HR Manager,
  • Nominate the one day of the week each month you would like your HR Manager to come and we’ll start working,
  • The days are flexible and can be changed in response to a workplace issue or critical situation.

MyHR Manager is the perfect in-house HR management support for businesses looking to outsource their HR function affordably. Our experienced and qualified experts can help you on a wide range of functions:

  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding and induction
  • Performance management
  • Management of disciplinary, employee grievance and disputes
  • Workplace investigations
  • Terminations
  • Manager coaching and mentoring on
  • HR best practice
  • Salary bench-marking
  • Drafting of letters, polices, procedures and employment contracts
  • Fair Work and Legislative compliance
  • including award interpretation
  • and application
  • HR administration activities
  • Workers’ compensation and return to work
  • Risk identification and project management.

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People Management

Your HR Manager will assist with managing staff in many ways including:

  • Recruitment
  • On boarding & induction
  • Performance Management
  • Management of disciplinary, employment grievances and disputes
  • Lawful Terminations


Your HR Manager will ensure your business is HR compliant by:

  • Providing manager coaching and mentoring on HR best practice
  • Conducting Fair Work and legislative compliance including award interpretation and application
  • Ensuring Workers' Compensation and return to work cases are managed correctly
  • Identifying any HR/IR risks to your business and managing HR projects

Agreements and Contracts

Your HR Manager will manage different agreements and contracts for your business including:

  • Salary bench marking
  • Drafting of letters, policies & procedures and employment contracts
  • HR administration activities

Unlimited access to the HR Helpline

Alleviate the stress that comes with employment red tape and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you have unlimited access to Fair Work experts. Navigate through the maze of what to pay your staff and let us answer the heavy HR questions. 

Protection from and compliance with Fair Work legislation

A fully trained HR adviser from our Employer Assistance team will review your setup, making sure you're compliant with Australian workplace laws and paying staff correctly. You'll have extra support hours with them each year to use at any time, to keep things on track.

Never go without a policy or procedure ever again

We'll give you an annual subscription to our Employment Law Practical Handbook which gives you everything you need to run a tighter ship when it comes to recruitment, management, employee development, safety and culture.

Online Staff Training

We'll put five employees who you nominate through CCIQ Training in five key areas of small business compliance, to lower your risk of having a legal claim filed against you. The training can be done anywhere using a computer or most mobile devices. Built-in quizzes and snapshot verification prove the attendees received the training, so they can't later say they didn't know if they do something wrong later.

Be a better business professional

We've got the business essentials covered, providing you with unlimited access to over 90 webinars in the member portal, across a range of topics including: people management, state & federal legislative changes, accounting basics, cyber-security, international trade and more.

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Be in the know with a free subscription to Queensland Business News, CCIQ's news subscription service. You’ll receive fortnightly updates, topical news and advice from Queensland's top business leaders to help you run a business.