MyHR Manager


MyHR Manager is a membership for any size team to affordably outsource their HR and IR function to the same Employer Assistance Advisor who answers your questions - all with ongoing HR help, all the policies and contracts you should need, and online compliance training for your staff.

It's ideal for businesses with any number of employees, and teams with higher compliance standards than smaller teams. 

Pay just

$1,320 inc GST

per month:

CCIQ eDM join2


Ongoing Hands-on support

A fully trained HR adviser from our Employer Assistance team will spend a day each month in your business and complete any HR function required or in response to a workplace issue or critical situation. We will also review your setup, making sure you're compliant with Australian workplace laws and paying staff correctly. 

HR procedures and checklists

We'll give you an annual subscription to our Employment Law Practical Handbook which gives you everything you need to run a tighter ship when it comes to recruitment, management, employee development, safety and culture.


Unlimited phone advice

Our Fair Work helpline is staffed by experienced advisors who can help with Fair Work Commission issues, employee counselling, redundancy, union activity, pay and leave questions, and general workplace health and safety issues. Call anytime during business hours.


Free staff training

We'll put five employees who you nominate through CCIQ Training in five key areas of small business compliance, to lower your risk of having a legal claim filed against you. The training can be done anywhere using a computer or most mobile devices. Built-in quizzes and snapshot verification prove the attendees received the training, so they can't later say they didn't know if they do something wrong later.



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