People Manager

Protecting what you've worked hard to create

People Manager is a membership which gives you access to the basics so you can easily DIY your HR.

People Manager Membership

$60 Monthly

We help empower employers to ensure their business is HR compliant.

  • Unlimited HR Support to Employer Assistance Hotline
  • IR and Award Updates
  • Unlimited access to CCIQ Webinars & Educational Tools
  • Business Promotion - Listing on CCIQ Member Directory

Unlimited access to Employer Assistance Experts

Our Fair Work helpline is staffed by experienced advisors who can help with Fair Work Commission issues, employee counselling, redundancy, union activity, pay and leave questions, and general workplace health and safety issues. Call anytime during business hours.

Online Staff Training

We'll put two employees who you nominate through CCIQ Training in five key areas of small business compliance, to lower your risk of having a legal claim filed against you. The training can be done anywhere using a computer or most mobile devices. Built-in quizzes and snapshot verification prove the attendees received the training, so they can't later say they didn't know if they do something wrong later.

Discounted HR Policies, Templates & Checklists

Is the paperwork you're using in your business up-to-scratch with Australian law? Membership lets you search and download customisable policies, procedures and checklists from our CCIQ Templates store to fill any gaps in your business systems, for 20% less than non-members. Titles start from just $8.80. Every document is field tested in the real world and backed by CCIQ.

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