400,000 new businesses are welcome, but where is the long-term commitment for existing businesses this federal election

Thursday 5 May, 2022 | By: Emma Clarke

Queensland businesses are waiting to hear details on policies for skills, sustainability, growth and better business operating environments in the lead up to the federal election, with few details available on how businesses will be supported long-term. 

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) is calling for details on policies designed to back Australian businesses, including addressing labour and skills shortages, jobs, incentives to drive long-term productivity growth and opportunities to diversify through sustainability. 

CCIQ Policy and Advocacy Manager Cherie Josephson said today details on a plan to support the creation of hundreds of thousands of new businesses were revealed, but without insight as to how they, and existing businesses, would be supported long-term. 

“There are already more than 400,000 small businesses in Queensland waiting for policy details to help them find skilled labour, drive long-term productivity growth and diversify,” Ms Josephson said.  

“We know recovery and growth will be key business drivers at the ballot box but so far we haven’t seen commitments to existing businesses, but for a focus on creating new businesses. 

Ms Josephson said Queensland businesses in particular were still facing significant day-to-day challenges including COVID and natural disaster recovery, skills gaps and staffing, disruptions to consumer confidence and government red tape.  

“Businesses want to know how they will be empowered to maximise opportunities for diversification and sustainability, or be incentivised to invest and drive productivity growth over the long term,” Ms Josephson said. 

“Businesses need a commitment to their future operating environment, including what incentives, support and protections they’ll have to run their business now, next year and even in the next decade. 

“Now is the time for all levels of government to be backing Australian businesses, both existing and those which will open in the future.” 

The top business priorities this federal election are: 

  • Overcoming critical labour and skills shortages  
  • Creating job opportunities 
  • Creating a better environment for small businesses to flourish with less red tape 
  • Incentivise business investment to drive productivity growth over the long term 
  • Maximising sustainability opportunities for economic diversification in the green economy 


CCIQ media contact 

Emma Clarke  

Media and Communications Advisor