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As a small business, time and money are often not on your side. It is important to you to leverage your costs accordingly, and ensure that your effort is focused on projects that will yield real results.

Of course, with the digital marketplace here to stay, it is increasingly more difficult to be heard amongst the crowd, not to mention to keep your current customers happy.

Leveraging the use of the media in various forms can help your business be found, heard and loved, all you must do is start. Below, are 10 steps you can use to boost your media profile and gain the awareness your business deserves.

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1. Create a social media account

Pretty simple step, right? Social media is a crucial medium of communication, connecting people from far and wide to beloved interests. According to a study by the digital marketing agency ODM Group, 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchasing decisions (source).

Getting social isn't as nearly as hard as it sounds if you know where to start.

a) Leverage off social media account

     i.      Stay Relevant

In order for your business to maintain a constant flow of leads to your website/business, you need to stay relevant on the social-scape to your audiences. Chances are they’re following you because they’re interested in what you’re all about – so, tell them!

Whether it be about day-to-day operations, a topic you find interesting that’s related to your business, or other customer stories, people want to hear and connect with you.

b) Be Consistent

If you get step 1 right, you’ve achieved a task that many marketers find exceptionally challenging, so give yourself a pat on the back.

This step is where many businesses, bloggers and wanna-be influencers often fall short, staying consistent, or posting regularly.

There are many statistics out there to tell you how often you should post, and all of them say at least once per week for all social platforms. A happy medium is 1-3 times per week, any more than this and you're likely to either run out of content or lose the interest of your followers.

c) Stay Engaged

This is the final piece of the social puzzle. Staying engaged in social ties both relevancy and consistency together, as you participate in your social community consistently and with relevancy to your audience. Stay engaged by keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest that’s happening in your industry in social, and reposting content you love to your page, to share with your fans.


2. Apply for business awards

A great way to spread your business name out there is to be recognised for it! Queensland businesses have the opportunity to apply for many awards throughout the year, to recognise the achievements you have made in your business, and to seek publicity opportunities by relevant publications.

The most celebrated awards include (but are not limited to):

Applications generally take around 4-8 hours to complete and cover all aspects of business operations both financial and aspirational.

3. Press Releases

You can’t sell a secret. Any business is capable of being newsworthy, but journalists must know about your news to report on it. A great press release can accomplish a lot of things, the key is to ensure it’s a great story.

There are many templates available online on how to write a press release, we’ve found a great one here from Hubspot to get you started.

What types of press releases are worthy of writing about?

  • New product or service
  • A report or new study
  • Announcing an industry award win
  • Responding to industry changes
  • Business milestone achievement
  • Partnering with charity or community partner
  • Innovative uses for your products
  • How to apply for a job at your company
  • And the list goes on…


4. Leverage Influencers and Loyal Customers

The power of influencers in modern-day marketing is no laughing matter. According to the PwC total retail survey 2016, 45% of global respondents said that reading reviews, comments & feedback influences their shopping behaviour. Google’s Top 12 marketing insights from 2017, also stipulate that influencers are just as likely as celebrities to drive buying decisions.

By leveraging off your high value (loyal) customers, via the use of reviews, testimonials, posts to your social networks, sharing, reposting, hashtagging and good old-fashioned word of mouth, your customers can be a significant driver of awareness and growth for your business in a world where your word isn’t good enough, but theirs is.

5. Participate in Industry Meetings and Events

Speaking at industry engagements is a great way for your business to generate publicity and positive exposure, in addition to establishing your business as a thought leader in your particular field.

Industry press often attend events such as trade shows and conferences, making them excellent places to get your latest and greatest works noticed and talked about. It can also be a great way to extend your reach in real-time (through the combined use of social media and in-person).

The best place to start when finding these events is through an online search or searching ExpoDatabase.com.

6. Engage the Community – through Sponsorships & Partnerships

 Engaging with the community is the perfect place for your business to cement itself as a community leader, and to give back the area in which your organisation calls home.

It is surprisingly easy to get involved in local events through initiatives such as corporate sponsorships to local charities, sports clubs, schools etc. In addition to increasing your exposure in the local community, engaging in this way shows a spirit of social corporate responsibility, and it makes your business stand tall as a representative for positive initiative and change. It may also attract new talent to your organisation, in addition to positive media coverage.

7. Advertise

Simple, yet effective. Advertising is a sure way to increase exposure and to gain interest in your business. It is important to determine the channels that are most effective for your business considering:

  • PPC – Paid Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords
  • Online Re-targeting through social media
  • Print Media in magazines, newspapers and trade journals
  • Out of Home advertising such as Billboards, signage or display ads
  • Television Ads
  • Letter Box Drops – flyers and discount offers

A great way to start is by identifying where your competitors are spending their advertising dollars, and understanding why. You can even ask your current customers about their preferred method of advertising. From there, you can make an educated decision about the advertising medium that is right for you.

8. Newsletters

A consistent newsletter stream of information and updates about your business and industry to your customers and business partners is a very important tool.

One of the most important aspects of a newsletter is constant contact with customers. Your newsletter should have enough information to create awareness about what you are offering to your customers, and how they can interact with you in different ways.

A newsletter also helps to better position your brand, as readers invariably form an impression each time they read your published collateral. Newsletters can also help to differentiate your business from that of your competitors.

There are endless benefits to a quality newsletter, and it is important to be consistent with the publication to stay constantly in the eye of your followers.

9. Become a Thought Leader

By combining the use of social, press releases, industry talks, working with industry influencers and newsletters, you can help to establish yourself in your industry as an expert, or thought leader if you are not already.

Publishing regularly about industry topics that challenge and educate the reader can help you boost yourself and your business to becoming the go-to resource for all things industry-specific.

Publishing your thoughts on a blog, and disseminating through the combined use of aforementioned mediums is a solid method to help increase exposure, engagement and awareness of your business.

To start, find 10 topics that interest you, and spend 10 minutes every-day writing about said topics. You’ll be surprised at just how much you do know, and where you find gaps, reach out to people you admire to help fill them.


10. Learn from the Media Experts

People often say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and that still holds true today. Reaching out, and engaging your customers, fans, influencers and industry thought leaders is a key method for managing your media and networking across various user groups.

By carrying across your engagement with others through your social, newsletter, advertising and press releases, you can help others to relate to your business, and create a resonating message they soon won’t forget.

Of course, you may not have time to implement all 10 steps, however, you can choose the steps that will benefit you best and start from there. CCIQ Partners Profile Media can help you if you require additional advice about how to best leverage your media efforts.

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