3 simple hacks to get to know your target market better

Tuesday 14 February, 2017

As a business owner you know that defining your target market is a highly effective way to optimise marketing resources.

Having a defined target market in mind allows you to market and advertise your product(s) to the right people; create the best, most effective sales and delivery models; build trust and engagement with loyal customers and obtain valuable feedback to refine your product and to anticipate new needs that keep your business ahead of demand. Once you’ve defined your target market it’s important to get to know them so that you can better communicate your marketing messages. You’ll want to know what their pressing problems are, what solutions they’ve tried so far along with more nuanced information such as what type of language they use and their general attitude towards products or services like yours. Here are three simple hacks to make researching your target market easier:

#1 Create a Customer Avatar

Firstly, create a customer avatar. This imaginary persona is a representative of your broader target market. It makes thinking about your potential customer base and analysing their desires and behaviours a whole lot easier.

You could model your avatar on an existing client who fits the bill, use your imagination to create an ava-tar based on your idea of who you’d most like to work with or recall an earlier version of yourself, before you figured out how to solve your own problem with the product or service you now sell. Give you avatar a name, an age, and a job then colour in all the details of their life that are relevant to your business. By personifying your target market in this way it allows you to step inside their head and understand their motives and their behaviours much more deeply.

 #2   Analyse Customer Reviews

This is a super effective way to get up to date feedback on your customer’s views and opinions. Simply visit amazon.com.  Select the product category that’s closest to your own product and click on one of the results that come up. You’ll then be able to access the reviews. Start by reading a selection of the highest rating reviews to see what people like best.  Then read some of the poor reviews. What do people not like?  Based on your research, think about how you could replicate the good ideas you see into your offering, and also consider the different solutions you could offer to achieve greater customer satisfaction? Depending on what your business does, you could visit other relevant review websites such as Zomato.com (restaurants and cafes) TripAdvisor.com (tourism and hospitality) AngiesList.com (services) or Airbnb.com (accommodation) to name just a few.

#3 Check out Facebook Advertising

This is a simple but very useful hack if your customer avatar is similar to yourself. It’s a little tool that I dis-covered a while ago that can potentially be a big help with understanding your target market better. If you’re on Facebook then you’ll no doubt be seeing advertisements in your news feed. Next time you see one, click the little arrow at the top right and select 'why am I seeing this ad?’ from the drop-down menu. You’ll then be offered some details about why you were targeted. The information provided does vary, but you can often see that the owner of the ad has focused on people who like specific websites, interest and sales pages; or who have particular interests associated with the target market. Even if you are a good representative of your own target market, this will potentially give you some fresh ideas about related interests and activities beyond those you were aware of yourself. Now you know who your target market is, you can then work out the best way to market to them, communicate with them, and build rapport with them, and who doesn’t want that?


Kathryn Edwards

About the contributor:

Kathryn Edwards is a business coach who works with solopreneurs to help them develop and successfully launch their new businesses. She is also the founder of Dream.Believe.Create, a training organisation providing coaching, workshops and online programmes for female entrepreneurs. Website: http://www.dreambelievecreate.net/



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