6 Businesses You Can Start Today With $500

Tuesday 1 December, 2015 | By: Colin Fruk | Tags: startup;

With the internet smashing barriers to entry in many sectors, micro-businesses have soared in popularity. In the new economy, if you can dream it you can probably do it... whether that's on the side, on weekends or even full-time.

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6. Furry friend friend

The canine members of double-income families, who lavish affection on everyone from afternoon to morning, often spend the rest of the day isolated and alone. Dog walkers and pet carers are in demand in areas where apartment living predominates. And it's an entirely scalable business idea: just add student staffers!

Competitive advantage: Walk several clients at once.

5. Bounty hunter

No, not that sort. Think people who track down rare or collectible items. Many business such as antiques dealers and bookshops already offer similar services, but are limited to their product sectors. Fashion, of course, has already gone successfully down this route with online shops like The Iconic bringing together popular and lesser-known brands. If you enjoy 'adventure shopping', do it for a finder's fee and build a following.

Hit list: Art collectors, sports fans, wine enthusiasts.

4. Spicker and spanner

Dust is as inevitable as death and taxes. Removing it is a chore many will pay to avoid. A reliable, professional cleaning firm is a godsend in a busy office or household. Rental agents and body corporates also pay handsomely for reliability.

Wipe and swipe: This field has a reputation for sketchy operators who cut services to compete on price. Balancing quality and value is your competitive advantage here.

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 3. Guest nester

With all the empty-nesters in big houses, the 'casual accommodation' industry (e.g. Air BnB) has boomed, forever disrupting traditional hospitality approaches. Look for listing services and compare what you can offer. All it takes to get started is a website with a few listings and word of mouth.

Location-location: casual accommodation is in demand near CBDs, universities, stadiums and beaches (less so in the suburbs).

2. Clutter killer

Our modern consumer economy is overstuffed with deals and value offerings. No-one but the fastidious organiser has the patience to keep up with the mind-spinning swirl of rewards programs, bill discount incentives, special offers, store memberships, and phone plans that swarm both small businesses and homes. Then there's the overflowing spare rooms and the list of home jobs that never gets shorter - both symptoms of busy professional lives. Systemise your approach and train some staff, and suddenly you have a viable personal organising business that will transform lives.

Clear value proposition: Somewhere between a housekeeper and a bookkeeper, you fill the gaps between these roles and help clients save money.

1. Create a new bandwagon

Whether it's organic cleaning products or whiz-bang kitchen machines, there's a rising army of home-based consultants replacing their full-time incomes with consulting fees. You know the home-selling system works - you probably know friends who've tried to push their gadgets onto you - so why not find your own products and start selling from home? Forget propping up someone else's pyramid scheme. Own it for yourself.

Boss for life: Just remember to smile.

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