7 Fundamentals to Exporting

Wednesday 17 October, 2018 | By: Ella Schalch

There are 7 fundamental steps to successfully exporting your product or service overseas. These steps include items such as legal requirements, identifying marketing opportunities and required export documentation. CCIQ can assist your business in ensuring that the fundamental steps are correct so that your business in the best possible position for success in the overseas market. Read more.

Cyber Security Attack – It’s not if, it’s when

Thursday 11 October, 2018 | By: SureBridge IT

In the second article in our Cyber Security series with CCIQ partner, SureBridge IT, we explore the dynamics around cybersecurity, understanding the ‘hacker evolution’, globalisation, and dispelling common arguments made regarding the likelihood of attacks in a business. It is not a matter of if, but when your business experiences a cyber-attack online, or security breach, it is crucial to respond immediately, with a clear plan in place to help mitigate as much risk as possible. Read more.

What is Phishing? Protecting your business online

Friday 5 October, 2018 | By: SureBridge IT

In the first article of our cybersecurity education series with CCIQ partner, SureBridge IT, we explore the world of phishing: what it is, how they attack, examples, and prevention strategies to ensure your business stays vigilant against this common form of cyber-crime. Read more.

There’s Nothing Casual about Double Dipping

Thursday 13 September, 2018 | By: Olivia Van der Wagen

The Federal Court’s recent judgment in the WorkPac v Skene case regarding the employment status of a worker and its far-reaching implications have sent waves of confusion in the business community. Read more.