ACCC Court Action against Employsure a Warning to Business to Get the Right Advice on Fair Work Regulations: CCIQ

Monday 24 December, 2018 | By: Dan Petrie

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has again reiterated warnings to small businesses to seek appropriate advice on Fair Work Ombudsman related matters and industrial relations following the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)’s decision to commence legal proceedings against Employsure for misleading conduct.

The ACCC alleges that Employsure breached Australian Consumer Law, through a serious of misleading advertisements pertaining to its use of Google Ads campaigns on its websites between January 2016 and November 2018 according to media reporting in the Australian Financial Review.

CCIQ, a provider of human resources and industrial relations services and advice continues to observe the legal action in question and repeats prior warnings that providers of advice must engage in the highest standards when dealing with small businesses.  

CCIQ Head of HR Services, Jason Wales said small businesses can be assured that when dealing with CCIQ the advice is provided with the businesses best interest in mind and is delivered ethically.

“Small business owners and medium size enterprises often engage us for advice when they are really needing it, often where there is a lot of stress and uncertainty. It is our job to provide solutions with integrity and with no hidden agenda.   

CCIQ is a not for profit provider of advice and support when its needed for a small yearly membership fee and a pay as you go fee for service consultancy.  

“Our team of Advisors have decades of experience and are here to help, all businesses need to do is call our Employer Assistance Helpline,” Mr Wales said.

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