Business pleased with election certainty

Wednesday 30 January, 2013 | Tags: Federal Election;

CCIQ believes Queensland businesses will be pleased to hear that a federal election date has finally been set, ending on-going speculation. 

CCIQ hopes that the long lead time will provide both sides of politics with the opportunity to release early a series of election commitments tailored toward the business community.

The election campaign policies of both political parties will be closely scrutinised by businesses over the coming months to see how key issues will be addressed under a future Federal Government.

The business community has told CCIQ their priorities for the next Federal government. They are:

  • Workplace productivity – through increased skills development, participation, cost relief and changes to fair work laws;
  • Tax and finance reform – through reduced government intervention and re-allocation of spending priorities; and
  • Red-tape reduction - through lower compliance costs, fewer new laws and better quality regulation.

In addition, CCIQ will be campaigning for significant improvements to be made to Queensland’s infrastructure and will seek commitment for funding the upgrading of the Bruce Highway and a construction of a second Toowoomba Range Crossing.

CCIQ will be working hard during the election campaign and beyond to gain commitments from all major parties on key business issues.

CCIQ is determined that the needs of Queensland businesses will be prioritised by the next Federal Government and will lead the policy debate to keep these issues at the forefront

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