CCIQ Noosa will continue push for faster internet for region

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Outgoing CCIQ Noosa President Sarah Fisher will continue to work towards getting faster internet connection for small business in the region.

Ms Fisher, who has stood down after two years as president of the local chamber, said it would continue to be a focus for CCIQ Noosa.

“CCIQ Noosa will continue to work towards getting the Noosa Shire better internet connections here in Noosa,” she told the chamber AGM last week, including local LNP MP Glen Elmes.

“And we promise to keep the business community abreast of the situation and bring to life any new developments.”

Ms Fisher was instrumental in arranging for the NBN Co to visit the chamber in July and address concerns from small business about the lack of progress of the broadband rollout.

“It is a matter of basic equity. Access to adequate broadband is a vital piece of enabling infrastructure, upon which the fortunes and growth of many local businesses depend.” Ms Fisher said at the time.

Unfortunately, Noosa and surrounding businesses were informed they were unlikely to be connected to the NBN before mid-2017.

Ms Fisher, who will now be concentrating on her role as director of Austwide Insurance Brokers, remains as a committee member of CCIQ Noosa.

In her farewell speech, she said 2015 had been a momentous year for the chamber and it would only get better. The release of the 4 Initiatives program, including a feasibility study for a convention centre and plans to grow the local business economy by 10 per cent, had been the highlights.

“Some of these initiatives are going great guns and others are going to be a work in progress. CCIQ Noosa will continue to keep you updated on these projects,” she said.

“CCIQ Noosa has this year been invited to be on the focus group for the Noosa Economic Plan. I hope that CCIQ Noosa continues to grow this partnership with the Noosa Council.

“It’s very important that our organisation is able to communicate effectively with our business members and the Noosa Council. It’s the business community who benefits if we can all work together. 

“This year has also seen CCIQ Noosa being instrumental in forming collaborative collections with various community groups and organisations. 

“We have achieved a great momentum for Noosa and I’m hopeful that the new committee will be able to continue the good team work, for the interests of the business community.

“CCIQ Noosa will continue to provide value to our members and be an organisation and something that the business community will be proud of and will continue to support.”

New CCIQ Noosa President Peter Chenoweth said Ms Fisher had stepped into the role in 2013 when few were prepared to take it on and had done a great job.

“She consolidated the chamber, then grew its membership significantly and this year she has developed a momentum which many people have commented on,” he said.

“Quite a number of you and others have come to me over the past month and have said how much they like where the chamber is now going and have encouraged me to keep on going in that direction.”

Mr Chenoweth ruled out any suggestion he would run for local council next year and said he was committed to growing CCIQ Noosa and promoting its 4 Initiatives program, plus maintaining his role as festival director of the chamber’s inaugural, Noosa International Film Festival in November 2016.

“The chamber has a tremendous opportunity before it to do tremendous good for the business community. My commitment to you is to go after that opportunity,” he said.

Mr Chenoweth said CCIQ Noosa had a specific vision for the future and would be executing its plans next year, with the emphasis on collaboration.

“We are all stronger if we work together. We are all much more likely to achieve our objectives if we work together and we will achieve those objectives much faster, if we work together,” he said.

David Bell was voted in as vice president, Robyn Walter as secretary, and Louise McNeich as treasurer. The new committee includes Richard Barnes, Sarah Fisher, Ingrid Jackson, Barbara Sheriff, Ryan Taylor and Darren Walters.



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