CCIQ sets up pricing blog to assess impacts of the Carbon Tax

Tuesday 26 June, 2012 | By: CCIQ | Tags: Climate Change and Carbon Tax;

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland has today launched a Pricing Blog to help small and medium businesses understand the impact of the carbon pricing scheme.

Set up as a result of ongoing enquires and reports being received by the advocacy team about the real advice business owners are receiving from their suppliers and contractors, CCIQ hopes that this will provide a means for all business to estimate possible price and cost impacts.

CCIQ General Manager of Advocacy, Nick Behrens said that the pricing blog offered a number of benefits to small businesses nervous about price increases already mounting up on their ledgers.

“Small and medium businesses have been left in the dark by the Australian Government who have failed to adequately prepare them for the commencement of the carbon pricing scheme.”

“For many the arrival of bills and invoices containing advice of price increases and new carbon surcharges has come as a shock and many will really struggle to absorb these costs.”

Mr Behrens said that that it was hoped all businesses would get involved in this blog and tell CCIQ about their price and cost increases.

There are a number of reasons CCIQ have set up this blog page and there are a number of benefits for businesses who do decide to send us a comment such as:

  • Businesses will be able to compare their own price increases with those of other businesses;
  • Businesses might identify a better deal or lower price increase by reviewing other blog entries;
  • CCIQ will monitor price increases and give advice if we think it might be incorrect or not legal;
  • CCIQ will be able to measure the cumulative effect on prices and business costs over the coming months and argue for more small business compensation.

Businesses can get involved in the CCIQ Carbon Tax Pricing Blog by visiting here.

In addition to the blog, CCIQ and partners Power Choice have released a free small business guide to the carbon pricing scheme.

Available as a free download at ‘A Price on Carbon: A Guide for Queensland Business’ outlines the impacts of carbon pricing on the small and medium business community and has relevance across all industry sectors and all regions of Queensland.

It is an essential piece of reading for all business owners ahead of the implementation of carbon pricing on July 1.

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